Are you a geek? Here are 5 ways to know!

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How to Be a Geek

Three Parts:

What it means to be a geek has changed over time. In the past, being called a geek wasn’t necessarily a compliment, but the idea of a geek has become recently more positive. Now, being a geek pretty much means that you’re passionately, almost obsessively, invested in your interests. Being a geek is something to be proud of. Find an interest, obsess over it, and then dress the part to fully embrace your newfound, awesome geekiness.


Finding Geeky Interests

  1. Find what you are truly interested in.There are some typical geeky interests, but you can be interested in anything and still be considered a geek. You may already have something you’re interested in—like baseball, model airplanes, or the Harry Potter series. If not, explore some things that might interest you. Take your time to explore until you find something you really love.
  2. Play video games.You may have trouble thinking of potential interests, and that’s okay. You can explore some popular geeky interests—like video games. Minecraft, Portal, and Halo are popular with geeks. Play the game or games often until you get really good at it. Then, learn everything about the game that you can.
    • You could also play tabletop or card games, like Dungeons and Dragons and Magic: The Gathering.
  3. Read a lot of books and comics.It doesn't matter what—just read what interests you. And don't be ashamed of what you read. You could read very literary books—like books by Jane Austen. Or, you can read genre fiction—like horror and science fiction. DC and Marvel comics are popular among geeks if books aren’t your thing.
    • Don’t be afraid to carry a book with you everywhere you go.
  4. Get interested in science and technology.A large part of the rise of geeks was due to technology. If you love robots and computers, dive into that interest! If you prefer physics or chemistry, take that interest beyond the classroom. This is an interest that could also be beneficial for your future.
    • Learn website and mobile development. You could learn to make your own websites and mobile apps.
    • Research and learn how to build robots. Look for a robotics club in your area.
    • It’s okay if you weren’t that great in science at school. Invest in your interest, and you will learn a lot over time.
  5. Collect a certain item.This is a hobby that is pretty simple to do, but depending on what you’re interested in, it could be costly. If you think vintage photographs are awesome, take a weekly trip to your local thrift shop. If coffee mugs with #1 Dad are cool to you, begin collecting those. You can collect anything you think is awesome. Try to learn about what you collect as you accumulate more items.
    • Consider your budget before choosing an item to collect.

Thinking like a Geek

  1. Be passionate about your interests.One of the most important parts of being a geek is being very passionate about what you are interested in. As a geek, spend a lot of time learning and practicing your interest. Proudly devour your interests and learn about every little detail. It shouldn’t feel like work to you.
  2. Stay up-to-date on your passion.Your passion may be something that constantly evolves and grows—like a computer game or robotics. Follow news related to your passion. If there isn’t news specifically related to your passion, do a quick online search. For example, you could type in “recent developments in mobile engineering.”
    • You can also stay up-to-date on your passion by attending conventions and conferences related to it.
  3. Be loyal to your interests.Geeks are committed to the things they love. Their interest is not just a hobby; it is a part of who they are. Because of this, geeks try to be the first ones to know about new updates or items. Keep up on the news about your interest, invest in memorabilia (if applicable), and show off your interest whenever possible.
  4. Don’t give up on your passion.Your interest may go through a period where it is disliked by the majority, or it is undergoing some problems. Geeks do not give up on their passion. They stay loyal to it all the way to the end—even when everyone else abandons it.
  5. Prioritize your passion.Geeks will often let their passion consume them. Your passion shouldn’t have a negative effect on your life, but it’s okay if it is a priority over certain things—like parties and other social gatherings. Instead of a party, spend time working on a geeky project related to your interest. Or, invite friends over to play a tabletop game if that’s your passion. This way, you are investing in your passion, but also staying social.
    • You shouldn’t prioritize your passion over your family and/or career.

Dressing like a Geek

  1. Buy T-shirts that display your interests.Depending on your interest, there is probably a “fandom” out there somewhere for it. This means that there will be all sorts of clothes, memorabilia, and accessories. Look for a T-shirt that shows off your interest. Invest in a few of those T-shirts if you can and proudly wear them.
    • Search eBay or thrift shops if your interest isn’t very popular anymore.
  2. Wear accessories that show off your passion.Don’t just stop at the T-shirts. If possible, invest in other accessories that display your interest. You could wear hats, belts, shoes, or pins. Pick and choose whatever appeals to you. Don’t be nervous about overdoing it.
  3. Dress like geek icons.You don’t have to show off your interest to dress like a geek. Instead, you can dress like a geek icon. For example, you could show off your interest in science by dressing like Albert Einstein. All you would have to do is put on a crewneck sweater, wide-legged pants, and loafers. It’s easy and subtle.
    • If you like Steve Jobs, wear a black turtleneck.
    • If Mark Zuckerberg is your favorite geek, dress in a casual style. Wear a hoodie, shorts, and flip flops.
  4. Dress up like your favorite character.You can take your passion all the way by dressing up like your favorite character. The best place to do this is in a cosplay group or at a convention. Look up your favorite character and analyze how they dress/look. Try to recreate this look by purchasing or making your own costume.
  5. Wear geeky accessories.Finish up your geeky outfit by choosing a few accessories. One of the most iconic geek accessories are black rimmed glasses. You can wear prescription black rimmed glasses if you need glasses or choose glasses without a prescription if you don’t. If you want to stick to a geek stereotype, wear suspenders with your pants. To top it off, you could attach some geeky pins to your suspenders.
    • For example, find a pin or button displaying your favorite superhero.

Community Q&A

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    Can I be a cool, sociable, athletic bookworm geek?
    wikiHow Contributor
    Community Answer
    Geeks can be cool, sociable, athletic, and whatever else they want to be. A geek is just someone who has a passion for something and isn't afraid to pursue it.
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