Hair Tutorial: How to Create a Deep Side Part

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How to Do a Deep Side Part

Three Methods:

Almost anyone with any style hair can use a deep side part to add flair and pizazz to a hairdo. A deep side part can add more volume. Plus, it can take your hair from looking average to looking unique and different. Start by deciding where to part your hair, then decide when you want to use this technique.


Parting Your Hair

  1. Go a little farther than you normally do.If you normally part your hair on the side, go a little deeper than you normally would. To keep it in place while you work on your hair, you can use a clip on the side with more hair, away from the roots.
  2. Line it up.A deep hair part should line up with the highest point of your eyebrow. Doing so will make the look seem more sophisticated and clean. Just use a comb to help you see where the part should go, starting from the highest point of your eyebrow arch.
    • You can take the part a little further down for an edgier look.
  3. Try both sides.No one is perfectly symmetrical. Therefore, make sure to try the part out on each side of your head. You may find that one side looks better than the other, or you may find that both look equally good. Either way, you have that information for the future.
  4. Use a comb for a straight part.To get a straight line in your part, use a comb to make the part. Take the corner of the comb and drag it up through your hair in a straight line, then split your hair to either side based on where you drew the line. You may need to go over it again.
  5. Flip your hair for a more natural part.While a straight-line part can look lovely, you can also take a messier approach. After you've dried and styled in your hair, simply flip up your hair from the side you choose. This technique creates a rounded crown of hair on top of your head, as well as the messier part.
  6. Let your hair fall across your face.If your face is round, letting the hair come partway across your face. In other words, with a down-do, don't just sweep your hair back or behind your ear. Let it frame your face. Doing so gives your face more definition.

Knowing When to Use a Deep Side Part

  1. Use it to create more volume.A deep side part naturally gives your hair more volume because you're piling more than half your hair across the top of your head. Therefore, if you're looking for a large and luscious look, a deep side part is a good call.
  2. Use it to soften certain face shapes.Some stylists think that a deep side part works especially well with certain face shapes. For instance, it works well with a round face because it helps elongate your face. Also, a side part that doesn't go too far will work well with a square face. Nonetheless, nearly every one can wear a side part.
  3. Try it on long or short hair.The deep side part works with most hair lengths. Therefore, if you've thought this look wouldn't be right for you, try it to see how it looks. You may be surprised how good it looks on your hair length.
    • However, keep in mind that you want volume on top of your head with long hair but less volume with short hair. Too much volume on top on short hair can make you look off-balance.
    • Also, with short hair, adjust your part according to your layers. If you have lots of short layers up near your face, don't make your part as deep.

Creating the Rest of Your Look

  1. Try alternating curls.One look you can do with a deep side part is to alternate curls. Using a medium to large curling iron, curl the first small section of hair towards your face. With the next section, curl away from your face. That creates a nice wave with your curls.
  2. Straighten your hair before you finish your look.Another option is to straighten your hair. A deep side part works equally well with curly or straight hair. After you've figured out where your part will be, use a straightening iron to smooth out your hair in small sections. You might want to use a protective spray beforehand to keep your hair from being damaged.
  3. Create a look with extra volume.Start with volumizing spray while your hair is still wet, but concentrate it on the roots. Use a blow dryer to dry off your hair, but as you do, lift up your hair from the roots, so it dries a bit lifted. Make sure to part your hair as it gets close to being dry, then use the blow dryer to dry it into place.
    • You're creating more texture up top so it doesn't look like you just combed your hair over.
  4. Try an edgy twist.Another option is to twist or pull part of your hair back. On the side with less hair, pull back most of the hair. You can now twist it or just leave it straight. Pin it in place at the nape of your neck with bobby pins.Try criss-crossing the bobby pins to help them stay in place.
  5. Don't forget to use a product.When you're parting your hair deeply, you may need to use a hair product to help keep it in place. You can lightly spray your hair with hair spray, for instance, or use a lightweight styling gel. Either way, adding a little product will help keep your hairdo looking nice all day or night.

Community Q&A

  • Question
    Does a deep part work with an emo hair cut?
    wikiHow Contributor
    Community Answer
    Yes, it doesn't really matter what type of hair cut you have as long as you have enough hair to part it.
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