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At 17:06, Oct 25, 2010


Your page has been archived!

At 17:28, Oct 25, 2010


Hey, im new to wikihow. I was just wondering, can you fix my profile? make it prettty? thanks:)

At 17:33, Oct 25, 2010


Heyy There.

At 17:35, Oct 25, 2010


i Dont Know You

At 17:44, Oct 25, 2010


Thanks for your help patrolling and welcoming new users =) Are you new here?

At 17:46, Oct 25, 2010


Cool, hope to see you around editing then. :)

At 22:17, Oct 25, 2010


Thank you for your awesome patrolling!

At 00:17, Oct 26, 2010


My pleasure!

At 12:19, Oct 26, 2010


I love twilight too, how many have you read? I've read them all! there amazing. please reply to me please please please please please please. Thanks TTYL

At 12:20, Oct 26, 2010


ahhhhhhhhhh ltg

At 20:07, Oct 27, 2010


Try following these steps! :)

At 17:58, Oct 29, 2010


i like the colors aqua blue and black, and grey, or purple:) i dont want any pictures up, its fine:) and thanks!

At 16:12, Nov 02, 2010


Sorry for the mistake; I accidentally scrolled to the wrong user to give the warning too. And I agree, youaredoing great around here! Keep up the good work. =)

At 17:26, Nov 02, 2010


Great work editing! Just to let you know, the first sentence of each step in an article is automatically bolded, so you don't need to add the formatting :)

Harri x

At 17:52, Nov 02, 2010


you are SUPER GORGEOUS -xoxo- -Michael-

At 20:55, Nov 02, 2010


Thanks for your feedback!

At 23:17, Nov 06, 2010


Americana Washington DC 3072.jpg
Thanks for riding along on patrol today!

At 23:50, Nov 10, 2010


At 04:53, Nov 26, 2010


Thanks for being a member of the NFD Saviors project, and thanks for your improving and supporting NFD'ed articles that are acceptable and potentially good wikiHows. I and others do appreciate that. Sometimes articles may need verbs and better steps, or a better title to not be a duplicate or to not be societal instructions, etc.

I just recently created the following memo and am in the process of sending it to the members:


NFD Savior Member Memo: Please visit the "Savior" page occasionally,addor findNFD'edpages to edit, or vote on article discussion page, e.g.: "Keep article".
"Savior Candidates" are listed below.

At 23:37, Dec 15, 2010


At 23:13, Jan 09, 2011


At 01:09, Jan 23, 2011


Free Music Note Border.jpg

We LOVE music!
Join us to create and improve music articles!

At 04:19, Jan 27, 2011


Hey LoveTwilightGirl,

Do you still think the article Stop Lisping is no longer a stub??? Check the article history page and the discussion page for details.

- Kirby ^_^

At 01:31, Mar 06, 2011


At 23:24, Mar 08, 2011



The wikiHow Herald - Optional Survey
Do you readThe wikiHow Herald? If so, we invite you to participate in regarding the community newspaper. We hope the information gathered from the survey will allow us to continue making improvements and share important information with the wikiHow community in a way that works for everyone.

If you don't regularly read The wikiHow Herald, please refrain from participating in the survey. However, you're more than welcome to check it out for yourself.

The survey will likely take less than 10 minutes to complete. Please.

At 21:23, Apr 02, 2011


Can you add color to my userpage?

At 23:09, Jun 01, 2011


The Herald has changed! It's a bit different than it was before so I would like to know whether or not you would like to continue receiving it. To see the new Herald, click here! Reply "Yes" to me if you would like to still receive the Herald. -Rangers31

At 22:13, Oct 10, 2012


Hello I was wondering if you can add me in the NFD Saviors. Because for some reason it says Javascript Void?


At 20:52, Jul 18, 2019


Hello! I was wondering if you still happened to be around on wikiHow, because I would like to bring back the SOS Project. If you are still interested in being a part of the team, please respond to this message ASAP! If not, then no worries. I understand that life and other obligations can get in the way.

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